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Ampliroll® hooklifts



Innovating for enhanced performance


Marrel is the inventor of the Ampliroll® hooklift.


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Army Forces

Innovating for enhanced performance

In addition to Ampliroll® hooklifts, Marrel has developed a range of original equipment for transport and loading of ISO containers and flatracks.

In such version, Ampliroll® hydraulic telescopic hooklift is designed to handle ISO 20’ containers and many military flatracks, compliant with STANAG 2413 standard.

Ampliroll®‘s clever design allows to store the H frame handling the 20’ ISO Container  behind the cab ; then  the hooklift is able to load flatracks from the ground or onto trailers.

Marrel’s expertise has been recognised by armed forces since the 1990s, having supplied more than 3000 Ampliroll® hooklifts.

Marrel’s know-how was again recognised in 2010 by the armed forces with a new order of 1650 hydraulic hooklifts.

Check our product range to find the equipment which is best-suited to meet your needs.

The range

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