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Innovating for enhanced performance


Marrel is the inventor of the Ampliroll® hooklift.


Ampliroll® for


Innovating for enhanced performance

Implementing its telescopic Ampliroll® range, Marrel has developed an articulated Hook lift with a rear elevator especially designed to meet the requirements of agricultural markets.

For these agricultural applications, the ALBA20 is specially equipped with an elevator that allows to the transfer the body on a trailer, with a limited inclination. It also allows to place special boxes, equipped with telescopic legs, on a high elevated position, still with precise and progressive engagement of the hook with safety latch.

The dashpot is now standard on most of our machines, optimizing both lifetime, the resale price and the satisfaction of our customers.

Check our product range to find the equipment which is best-suited to meet your needs.

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ALBA20 PA with rear elevator.

Agriculture AL14 trailer

Agriculture AL20 trailer

The range

Ampiroll AL3PA
Ampiroll AL4
Ampiroll AL5
Ampiroll AL6
Ampiroll AL8
Ampiroll AL10
Ampiroll AL12
Ampiroll AL14
Ampiroll AL16
Ampiroll AL18
Ampiroll AL20
Ampiroll AL22
Ampiroll AL26
Ampiroll AL28
Ampiroll AL14 PA
Ampiroll AL16 PA
Ampiroll AL18 PA
Ampiroll AL20 PA
Ampiroll AL22 PA
Ampiroll AL26 PA
Ampiroll ALBA20
Ampiroll ALBA20 PA
ALBA20 with rear elevator
Ampiroll for agriculture
Ampliroll US Range
Military AL16500 hooklift
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