Lifting capacity up to 12.3 tm

Lifting capacity up to 32.85 tm

Lifting capacity up to 113.3 tm

Marine, Defence, Rail

F135A active - F135A e-active
F135A dynamic – F135A e-dynamic
F155A active – F155A e-active
F165A e-active
F165A e-dynamic
F175A active – F175A e-active
F175A dynamic – F175A e-dynamic
F185A xe-dynamic
F195A active – F195A e-active
F195A dynamic – F195A e-dynamic
F215A active – F215A e-active
F215A dynamic – F215A e-dynamic
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Fassi knuckle boom medium-duty cranes

From 13 t/m upwards we enter the realm of medium capacity knuckle boom cranes, which provide performance but at the same time are extremely dynamic. Suitable to be fitted on two- and three-axle trucks, in a variety of setups. The technological fittings include all the most innovative electronic, hydraulic and mechanical components. Not without reason Fassi cranes are fitted with devices that are state-of-the-art in terms of both performance and safety. To this must be added the availability of the Prolink function and a comprehensive series of additional attachments, accessories and devices.

F235A e-active
F235A e-dynamic
F245A active F245A e-active
F245A e-dynamic
F255A xe-dynamic
F275A e-active
F275A e dynamic
F295A e-dynamic – F295RA e-dynamic
F305A xe-dynamic
F315A e-dynamic – F315RA e-dynamic
F335A e-dynamic – F335RA e-dynamic
F365A e-dynamic F365RA e-dynamic
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