Lifting capacity up to 12.3 tm

Lifting capacity up to 32.85 tm

Lifting capacity up to 113.3 tm

Marine, Defence, Rail

Micro Series
Micro M40A.1
F22A active
F26A active
F28A active
F30CY Active
F32A active
F40B active
F50A active – F50A e-active
F55A e-active
F65B active – F65B e-active
F65B dynamic – F65B e-dynamic
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F70B.0 e-active - F70B.0 e-dynamic
F85B.0 active/e-active
F85B.1 dynamic/e-dynamic
F85B.2 dynamic/e-dynamic
F90B.0 e-active
F90B.1 e-dynamic
F90B.2 e-dynamic
F95A active – F95A e-active
F105A e-active
F100B.1 xe-dynamic
F100B.2 xe-dynamic
F110B.0 active - F110B.0 e-active
F110B.1 dynamic – F110B.1 e-dynamic
F110B.2 dynamic – F110B.2 e-dynamic
F120B.0 e-active
F120B.1 e-dynamic
F120B.2 e-dynamic
F125A.1 xe-dynamic
F125A.2 xe-dynamic
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Fassi knuckle boom light-duty cranes

Particular attention is given to the design and production of knuckle boom cranes with a lifting capacity of between 1 and 12 t/m, bearing in mind the growing market needs and the use of these machines. Fassi light-weight cranes, which are also available in a wide range of versions, starting from “micro” cranes, combine reduced weight, compactness and limited dimensions, but without foregoing all those factors typical of Fassi quality, both in the structure and in the details. These light-weight loader cranes mean that you can have Fassi quality even on light-weight trucks, including 3.5 TM (total mass) trucks and rigs that can be driven with a normal driving license.


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